Why Bingo is Good for You

If you 've been feeling a bit slow and sluggish lately, chalk it up to slow and sluggish neurons. Every activity that our bodies do is mediated by the brain, and if we have slow and sluggish neurons it's a sure fact that we'll be slow and sluggish ourselves.

The main culprit would be aging and all that comes with it. With aging comes the decline in physical and mental effort, and that in turn leads to a decline in physical and mental agility. This is where bingo comes in. Yes, bingo. You might equate the game more to image of 60 or 70 something enjoying a trivial card game in a retirement home, but apparently there's more to the game than just a simple pastime for aging retirees.

Studies done by universities like the University of Southampton' Psychology Department have shown that playing bingo can actually make your mind more agile, improve your skills and reflexes, and stave off the onset of cognitive deterioration that often comes with age.

In the study done by the University of Southampton Psychology Department, they included 121 participants from ages of 18 to 40 and 70 to 82. They divided the group into two; one group played online bingo, and the other group did not. Results showed that those who played bingo significantly scored higher on tests of speed and accuracy. In some aspects the older players fared better than the younger ones. The study cam up with the conclusion that a regular game of games that practice the mind like bingo can keep the mind sharp longer and can delay the effects of mental deterioration.

One key factor why bingo, whether played online or on land-based halls, is a good way to keep our mental faculties functioning at better level is the aspect of time.

Bingo players need to be conscious of time, they have to keep track of it while at the same time keep track of the numbers being called out. Physical agility and speed are also exercised since some bingo players like to play with multiple cards at a time, which means that they would have to divide their attention to more cards, while at the same time still keeping their attention on the caller and on the other players. Also, the game is a excellent way to exercise pattern recognition, a mental ability that slowly diminishes as we age.

Finally, whatever is good for the heart must be good for the mind. Playing bingo is a good way to socialize, especially if you are playing in land based halls. This is especially helpful for older people because they have a tendency to get lonely and depressed once physical and mental activities decrease.