Speaking in Bingo Tongues

Are you catching up with Bingo's jargons? If you are not, it is never too late to start learning. Do not give up as the following terms could help you get a firm grasp of the dictionary-like Bingo terms.

Admission- Admission means the things that you need to gain access to the Bingo game's venue. It is like getting admission for a movie or gaining admission for a concert. In Bingo, this refers to a particular number of Bingo cards that you need to purchase to be able to take part in the game.

After game- If you think that those Bingo games are not enough to appease your insatiable Bingo thirst, then the after game can help you out. After game refers to another set of Bingo games right after the main Bingo game event.

Beano- This is the original name of the game Bingo. Can you imagine yourself shouting "Beano!" instead of "Bingo!"?

Bingo Board- The Bingo Board is the electronic board that Bingo players can easily see at the venue to be able to catch up with the winning Bingo numbers that have just been declared by the Bingo caller.

Coverall- This is a type of game card pattern which requires player to mark off all the numbers on his Bingo card to be able to win the game.

Dauber- The dauber is a marker used by Bingo players to cross out the winning numbers on their game cards.

Game Room- Game rooms are what Bingo websites use to separate different groups of online Bingo players.

Jackpot- The jackpot is the prize awarded to the lucky player who will win the main Bingo game. There are jackpots that keep on growing as the number of days increase.

Money Ball- A money ball is determined before a Bingo game starts by randomly choosing a certain number. The winning player who is lucky enough to hit Bingo with that number gets the chance to double his prize.

On the way- This refers to the games played that could lead to a blackout or coverall game.

Throwaways- Throwaways are special kinds of Bingo card where the lucky players could get better winnings.

Validation- This refers to whether a winning player can get additional winnings depending on the number of Bingo cards that he/she played for the night.

Warm Up- This refers to the Bingo games held before the start of the regular Bingo session. It can also be referred to as "early bird."

Wrap up- The term means the last game of the Bingo event.